South Dakota

Ellsworth Development Authority

• Estimated to be $1 Million per day to State and Local Economy !
• Approximately 3,500 Active Duty and 1,000 Civilian Employees !
• Adds an Estimated 9,000 individuals to the population

Ellsworth’s Impact

Freedom Estates Development

Certified Ready Business Park

​Powder River Training Complex


We promote the health and safety of those living or working near the base.​

Willing Seller

Willing Buyer

The South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority was created by the South Dakota Legislature in March of 2009 with the following mission:

Our Mission

 Dennis Daugaard

Governor of South Dakota

In the News

Ellsworth Authority named Defense Community of the Year

Urban Close Air Support Site

Skyway Property

​​​Waste Water Treatment Plant

Sen. Thune highlights Powder River Training Complex achievements

South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority

hosts annual meeting 

Ellsworth to lease space for private company's call center