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Why Compatible Use??

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Willing Seller Willing Buyer Initiative 

If you own property inside the red line we would like to visit with you about this initiative.

Compatible Use Project:


The purpose of the Compatible Use Project is to protect the health and safety of individuals currently living within Accident Potential Zones (APZ) 1 and 2; as well as, within high noise contour zones as defined by the Ellsworth Air Force Base (EAFB) Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) guidelines. In addition, the project removes incompatible development encroaching EAFB.  The Federal program which resources and monitors this effort is known as REPI (Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration).  

During the 3rd and 4th Quarter FY 2016, SDEDA achieved three significant REPI milestones:

    (1) We closed on the placement of a Restrictive Use Easement on over 1700 acres of farm and ranch land on the north end of the EAFB airfield.  In terms of both scale and scope, this Restrictive Use Easement is a strategic success at the DOD and US Air Force levels.  Glen Kane, our Managing Director, championed this three-year effort; 

    (2) SDEDA purchased additional properties in Accident Potential Zone 2 on the south end of the EAFB airfield; bringing our total number of REPI parcels purchased / easements placed to 53 involving over 2,798 acres; and

    (3) SDEDA staffed and received approval for using three standardized restrictive use easement templates with the US Air Force Civilian Engineering Command (AFCEC), based in San Antonio, Texas.  AFCEC is our Air Force partner with the REPI program.  These templates meet both South Dakota and AFCEC requirements; and collectively greatly facilitate the processing of REPI required documents.  

SDEDA continues to be recognized as a stalwart, cost effective, and benchmark program within REPI at the Federal and Service Component levels.

 Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) Study